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How to Make or Create Youtube Thumbnail in Pics Art

How to Make or Create Youtube Thumbnail in Pics Art

I am going to be showing you guys how I make my 4 9 thumbnails on my phone the only thing I use is Pixar and YouTube C so what you're gonna want to do is go to your YouTube studio you're gonna want to look at the article.
Make or Create Youtube Thumbnail
Make or Create Youtube Thumbnail

that you want to make a thumbnail for right now it's just my interested thumbnail and I don't want that so I I'm gonna need to make a thumbnail for I went off this game so what you're gonna want to do is go download this app called picture if you don't have it already click on the plus at the bottom click on edit click on search free images and then go for night search for night now there's a lot of images that pop up basically all you're gonna want to do is click on an image that you want as your background i'ma just use this one right here okay now that you do have this.

you're gonna want to go to the tools crop and make sure it's a sixteen by nine so you kind of any image as long as it's a sixteen by nine next thing you want to kind of want to do is go to effects and if you guys don't want this it's totally fine but I always put a blur on my thumbnails as the background but after you have your blur on you want to go to border click outer all the way off enter to ten and they're gonna want to do outside don't do inside because it does some weird up okay so you're gonna wanna don't do outside do inside but raise the OP acity whatever that word is I'm sorry I butcher that but next thing you're gonna want to do is since it's a four-night thumbnail they're gonna want to go to stickers and on discover you want to search up for night now what you're gonna want to do is choose your favorite skin that you want on your thumbnail I think forget what this kind is called but I think it looks good so imma use it for this video oh no no mine and as blurs blurry stuff in the back from when they carved it out so I may use this guy you gotta want to go to border add a white border on to him.

you can have black if your borders black but I think white just looks so nice is next thing you're gonna want to do is imma had another sticker since I won this game so I'm a added number one victory royale sticker turn it a little bit put it up in this corner I put a border on everything that I use so I suggest that's what you use if you have a sticker go ahead imported put a border on it the text is gonna be something clickbait so I must say did I really I don't know it needs to be small did I really just do that exclamation question so you're gonna want to you can use any font that you would like but my favorite font especially for for knight titles or thumbnails it's called luckiest guy I think it looks really nice so now that.

you have that laid out you're gonna want to put it in as much negative space that you can which means space that is not taking up and next thing I wanna do is go into color and I always do a gradient and the gradient will match the your skin so it's gonna be a blue for his vest and a gray gray for his arm sleeve thing stroke I always do a white to match the border and stuff but yeah that's it that's really all you have to do if you want to you can add a mask the nicest one I know is called move and it's all the way at the back but I don't really like that style but once you are done with your thumbnail go ahead and click the checkmark and the and click on save save your picture to device now they're gonna want to go over to the YouTube studio click on the pencil I did thumbnail change and go ahead and click on the one that you've just made and as soon as you click Save it will upload and yeah that's basically it that's all you had to do to make thumbnails.


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